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Post by scrutney » November 1st, 2017, 8:04 pm

"you buzzed me, mr president?"

"not yet but soon, misty...just kidding...get me 'liddle' bob corker on the phone...and walk away slowly"

"mr president, if you reach for a tic-tac, seceret service or no, we're going to have go you dig?"

"just get the lil' feller on the phone..."

"right away sir"

misty exited quickly.
very very quickly, i can tell you that
big league quickly.
two minutes later, the intercom chirped.

"senator corker on line 3, mr president"

"bobby...this is the president. you're short!
what else is on the agenda today??? misty, what's on for the rest of the day?"

"kelleyanne is confusing chris wallace this evening at 7pm...betsy and ben are at a bible study, and general kelly is still picking the asphalt out of teeth from when he was runover by the gold star express..."

"can it misty...where the hell is sarah?"

"if she has any sense at all, she'll be in the bathroom gulping a psychotropic drug cocktail before briefing the goon squad"

"i'm sorry...what was that?...i couldn't hear you over the music"

"which brings up another thing mr you always play calliope music when you're alone in the oval?"

"'s american music, and it makes me feel at home."

" have about half an hour before you blow up the internet with your 3pm tweetstorm...what's today's topic?"

"haven't figured it out yet misty...fake news, crooked hillary, the dnc and russian collusion, the s-t-e-a-l dossier, blame it all on mitch...whatever comes to mind..."

"stay with the 'steal''ll tweet better than it speaks and your audience is easily amused"

"they are, aren't they?"

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Re: something-cide

Post by plazabum » November 11th, 2017, 12:19 pm

I feel less stupid now. Thank you.

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Re: something-cide

Post by auntmartymoo » November 17th, 2017, 8:15 am

Thanks, Scrutney!

Great fan fiction... hahahahaha

So much ammunition these days

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