introductions are always in order. as is a motion to adjourn.

Sometimes you've just got to find a place to put your junk.
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introductions are always in order. as is a motion to adjourn.

Post by scrutney » September 30th, 2017, 11:09 pm

i'm scrutney. it's an old college nickname and recreationals most definitely were involved in it's creation.
it rhymes with butt knee...accent grave on the butt.

i have a lovely wife, two children, 6 cats, more cd's and vinyl than i care to think about, thousands of movies from the golden age of cinema, and two junk cars in the driveway.***

i'm from the dc area by way of michigan, where i worked in radio when the oldies format was relatively new...but i grew up inside the beltway and cut my political teeth reading the "fake news" washington post during the watergatenixon administration.

i've been floating around local cyberspace for about 11 years now...first on the late, lamented (by some) st. augustine record message board "talk of the town"...
several good friends were banned from TOTT when management decided to go draconian, so i pulled up stakes and went to:
free speech v.1, which lasted a week due to trollery i'd just as soon forget
follwed by:
free speech v.2 which lasted about a year, when all the members migrated to the first of several iterations of plazabum.
and it's there that i truly found an online home....and met some of the finest people (online anyway) with whom i have had the privelge to exchange ideas.

when plazabum shut brother(coebul), bieramar (and puc...let's not forget puc...and martymoo..).. and i tried to soldier on with bum rejects, and did for a couple of years.

but...we had a couple of deaths in the bum rejects family, people lost interest and we rolled up our tents and many of the remaining bumrejects decided to squat on facebook.
me too.

but, facebook became way to public for my taste...i decided that my real life friends and family had zero interst in my political pontifications, and i risked turning those f&f's into antagonists.
and that just wouldn't do.
so i joined a secret facebook group(nothing clandestine mind you) and have been spending time with people of a similar mind set, not wanting to crap up their timelines with political badinage.

i'm still there...and still post actively.
but i like it here.

slowly but surely old friends are stopping by for a cuppa and a conversation.
it's like coming home.
plazabum has always been a laid back place...and i'd like to keep it that way.

obviously some of you know me from different message boards...back in the days when i was a staunch conservative.
and if you were to ask me, i still am.
but the gop and i parted company in the past year.
i'd like to paraphrase reagan and say:
'i didn't leave the party of lincoln...they left me'...but i'm not sure old dutch would approve.
so i'll leave it at this:
"the only constant in life is change"

here we are, with a spiffy new board, a compassionate admin, a brand new potus, and a lot of topics to discuss.
if you have any friends with thick skin, please invite them to join up.
if they have thin skin...order them to join.
i have some friends from another message board that i'll be inviting in due course.

be forewarned, if the first was any indication, things will get spirited and lively discussions will ensue.

anyway...i've said my piece...
i offer this introduction in the hopes that y'all will follow suit.
let us know who you are. anonymity is perfectly acceptable, nick names or real names are fine.

if you find this place half as addictive as i do, even if we disagree, we'll become fast friends.

so, as i said in my first post (with a tip of the hat to jackie gleason)...and awaaaaaaaay we go.

***and have been in the process of alphabetizing the whole anlog/digital mess since i met my online pal, puc puggy, some ten years ago...who told me "if you can't find what you're looking for in a timely fashion, you've acquired a useless collection of things to trip over."

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Re: introductions are always in order. as is a motion to adjourn.

Post by mike » October 1st, 2017, 7:08 am

For the longest time, it seemed like i was the only person ToTTering under my real name. I've always been Mike, so i find it easy to remember. After the Record started banning people, about 10-years ago, I was one of the refugees who sought asylum on the Free Speech v1 and v2 forums. My company, Historic City News, was providing paid web hosting to a client who leased more capacity than necessary. He agreed to donate some of that extra capacity to, and the rest is history.

Our roots are important. Like The Monkeys, we were a young generation and we had something to say. And we did. By allowing anonymous screen names, we got the unvarnished truth about things. Contrast our no censorship attitude with anyone -- no moderators, and the only real rule was that it was a capital offence to out anyone's identity.

I look forward to the resurrection of plazabum and hope to find many more good friends here. Hell, 2018 is an election year and nobody does politics like us, right?

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Re: introductions are always in order. as is a motion to adjourn.

Post by bieramar » October 1st, 2017, 10:33 am

I've been "bieramar" since mid-2001 when the St. Augustine Record began a Bulletin Board (pre-Talk of the Town). Biera Mar - between St. Augustine Beach and Butler Beach on Anastasia Island - was the first planned and platted community in St. Johns County in the 1920s, after the then federal land of Anastasia Island was auctioned to private citizens. Ponte Vedra and Davis Shores followed. Biera Mar was the first St. Johns Beach I frolicked on in 1955 after returning from French Morocco, and was where I was living in 2001 - hence my nic.

As Mike addressed, anonymity was deemed essential by many through the years, albeit always argued. I note that when the late Chuck Nusbaum was owner and publisher of the weekly newspaper "The Traveller" (and I was the editor), he introduced anonymous commenting into the NE Florida public media with our column "Sound Off." (Chuck borrowed the idea and name from a small North Dakota newspaper who had fought the legal battles). At the time (mid-1970s), the St. Augustine Record (and States Attorney) vehemently condemned anonymous public political criticism — but adopted it in 2001. When I was saying my goodbyes to St. Augustine in 2005 before moving to New Mexico, I publicly revealed that I was Bieramar to local politicians and acquaintances with whom I'd worked and/or socialized with for years, it was the first time some realized my online identity.

I've lived a varied life with views of the world from different perspectives in different countries and US states - numerous laborer, blue collar, and white collar jobs; private profit, non-profit, and public sectors; military, civilian (state and federal), and religious bureaucracies — and am not currently affilitated with any organization.

My public name is Chuck Huber.

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Re: introductions are always in order. as is a motion to adjourn.

Post by PucPuggy » October 1st, 2017, 6:57 pm

Puc Puggy is the name local native Americans gave to Billy Bartram when he studied botany and fauna, including humans, in our area in the 18th century. Read his "Travels" when we first moved to Florida from Arizona in 1990.

Unlike our esteemed village elder, Bieramar, I go back only to The Record's Talk of The Town. Don't remember the year. It has been a blur.

What I do remember are all the people, some with more usernames/personalities than Sybil and others who I took and "clasped them to my heart with hoops of steel." And the villains? Amok amok amok! There were plenty of them, recycled and always undermining. It got to be total mind games.

And then a bunch of us were eliminated from the collective. We found new homes, as discussed above by Scrutney, Mike, and Bieramar. What a very long road it was.

ANONYMICE! Have any of you repented yet? We have our hats from Mike... they are treasures of our radical past in this town!

You know how it is about meeting people. Some teach you who you are and could be. Others make you laugh like hell and you wish you could be that witty. I have learned so much from so many, most of whom I have never met.

Mostly missing Dunrobin (dun-ROW-bin; I always said it dun-ROB-in) these days. Mike did a wonderful piece on her in Historic City News. Dun and I would get to talking on the phone and before long, plotting the take-over of SJC and hooting and cackling! I miss her so much.

I'm a lifelong Democrat, but that doesn't mean I buy into the party lock, stock, and barrel. I don't even care for the two-party system anymore. And I am kinda conservative in fiscal matters. Except if they want to spend it all on stuff I don't like.

As a native of central CT, I spent much of my "yoot' " in NYC, Greenwich Village, to be specific. Next, London for a couple years and then a summer hitch-hiking in Western Europe. Home, started college and a 10-year tour of duty, from CT to New Mexico and Arizona, seeking a major. Finally found it at UA in Tucson. Archaeology.

That choice got me here with my husband.

I'd rather be in Macondo.

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Re: introductions are always in order. as is a motion to adjourn.

Post by auntmartymoo » October 8th, 2017, 10:20 pm

My beautiful niece gave me the nickname auntmartymoo many years ago… and it stuck.

I’ve been married to the greatest guy in the world for 10 years. We have 2 golden retrievers: Walker, 7, who is a perfect angel and Finn, 1, who is possessed by demons.

I was born and raised in Atlanta, went to Catholic schools, and spent all of my summers in St. Augustine (my Dad’s hometown.)

Went to a teeny tiny women’s college in Virginia and double-majored in Political Science and English. Did some studying in London as well.

Married and divorced a crazy bastard, raised his daughter, worked a bunch of jobs and ran a restaurant into the ground… in no particular order.

Lived in St. Auggie from 1995-2005, where I learned a lot about grassroots politics and tried my hand at community organizing … thereby qualifying me to be POTUS. Yeah, that’s right. POTUS.

Moved to DC for a year to learn a little about the legislative side of politics. Learned that I wasn’t that interested in legislation. Moved back to Atlanta to work in the family business and spend more time with my parents.

Somewhere along the line I found the Plazabum site and learned volumes about internet debate from the masters: Coebul, Bieramar and Scrutney (whose name apparently rhymes with chutney.)

Then I followed them along to BumRejects and they later invited me to participate in a FaceBook debate group. I think I got thrown out of that group at least once… maybe twice.

I’m a fiscal conservative. I either don’t have an opinion on social issues, or think they should be decided by the states. And I don’t enjoy debating them because, to paraphrase Scrutney… no one ever changes their opinion and all anyone ever hears is “white noise.”

I always vote. And I vote for one of the 2 assclowns who are actually going to win. I try to pick the one who will do the job most like I would.

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